Do Women Like Fat Men? Dating Tips with EXAMPLES

– Well, I think that can vary a lot because not everyone is fat because they eat poorly but just have like big bones – Yes, big muscles – So, women can possibly find those men attractive, some more than others but I think it all depends on how the men – Let’s say he’s a bit chubby, with some belly He’s fat

Would you give him the opportunity? – Yes but depending on how he accepts himself and how he dresses There are some fat men that don’t really embrace their physical and wear clothes that are too tight and so – So one of the tips for the guys would be the way the look – Yes, their appearance – So, he’s a bit fat, what tip can you give him so someone like that can approach you? Or any beautiful women – Well, first of all, that he wears clothes adequate for their bodies That he doesn’t want to deny his own body And that he tries to take care of himself because if he’s fat because he inherit it or because he has some kind of condition, he should take care of himself

– So, he must take care of himself and eat healthy – Yes, try at least – Yes And go to the gym – Yes, sure – What other advice would you give them? Something like you accept going out with him and starting some kind of relationship if – I think he needs to accept that many people are going to be staring at us in the street Why? Because it’s going to be weird so he can’t feel bad about the people looking at us or talking behind our backs – Yes, a fat man with a skinny beautiful women – Yes, it’s going to be complicated so he has to have confidence in order to accept some criticism from people – Of course – What other characteristics would you like in them? – Well, that he can manage not only his looks but his emotions

We constantly see that when people are fat or have some kind of overweight problem, they suffer from some kind of depression So emotionally, they can be a bit unbalanced So I would say that they need to find a way to have some balance because having such problems is not easy, so they should try to handle it with their own ways You don’t have to necessarily go to a gym, you can do any other kind of activity like yoga or play soccer I don’t know

Just do things – Exactly, activities that help him with that kind of situation – That he’s not sedentary – Yes, not sedentary – Would you take him to you parties or present him to your mother anyway? What other things does he need to be? He has to be fun? What other things? – Well, for me obviously, he needs to be fun He has to be someone who’s nice and easygoing, that you can have a conversation with him That he pays attention to detail He needs to be a gentleman and that he always has confidence about himself – Let’s say, because people with overweight usually tend to sweat a lot, what would you do to help him with that? Because, generally, a person like that walks a block a he’s already sweating I don’t know, he’s partying and he’s all sweated up

– Well, I think that if we started a relationship I would change our routine a little bit People who have overweight tend to be too sedentary, so I would try to change that For example if we’re going to watch a movie, we should try no to eat the whole package of popcorns – Of course – Because the person who’s going to get fat is me and that’s not really ideal – So you’re watching a movie, what would you have him eating? – Well, – Let’s say you’re always eating french fries when you go to he movies, because there are always fries there, or nachos There are always fried stuff and soda

What would you do? – First of all, that he doesn’t exaggerate – But would you let him buy the popcorns? – Yes but a moderate one – Little ones? – I don’t like popcorn very much but I do like nachos, so maybe we could interchange some – Would you eat all the nachos without giving him any so he can lose some weight? – Yes, yes For sure! – What other tips would you give them? For example the sweating thing, would you accept him even if he was like that all the time? – No, I think the sweating it’s something different When someone is fat, is more difficult for them to move so in a sexual relationship, imagine he’s sweating all over you – Yes, he gets you sweat all over – Yes, but there’s probably something out there that can help with this A tip or something

For example – Do it in the shower maybe? – Yes, of course There are some things out there that can help with the sweating – Yes, the markets sell stuff that helps with that – Or maybe he just needs to have a towel with him all the time I tend to sweat a lot so I’m always prepared with some cologne in my bag, or a hand towel – Of course – I have deodorant too, so I’m trying to take care of myself all the time – Anything else that comes to mind? Something typical of someone with overweight? – That they a lot of sugar That in their kitchen there’s too much bread, sweets

So I would try to make him understand that you need to cut those a bit – And what would you do to tell him that? Let’s say you went out for dinner and after you were fitted, the first thing he did was arder fried chicken and garlic bread How would you tell him that’s not good? – I’d be subtle, without hurting him – But how? – I would tell him that he needs to have just one carb and one protein Like with the chicken – Would let him have it? Or recommend something else? – Well, he could have the chicken of course but in small portions You’re not stopping eating those things, just learning how to

I also love fried chicken for instance, but in small portions So I would try to make him accommodate to my kind of life style